This week I'm really happy to welcome a guest blog from Emma White, Jewellery Maker and Head Honcho at THE JEWELLERY MAKERS ( THE JEWELLERY MAKERS sells Contemporary Handmade Jewellery from the best of British Independent Jewellery Designers; connecting them with discerning online shoppers who are looking for something a bit different.

Handbag and Strap from Meg and Bee

I have a friend, Rachel, who wins giveaways all the time, I mean constantly. She’s won: a gorgeous Meg and Bee handbag, vouchers for Sugarhill Brighton clothes, lovely cards from Echoes & Shadows Photography, a cool Tee from Sistoria, even tickets to Glastonbury Festival, (pre lockdown obvs). She hasn’t won a boat, holiday or car yet, but seriously it could be any day now. So how do you win an Instagram Giveaway? Here are Rachel's top tips, with a bit of insider knowledge from me to explain why her strategies quite literally deliver the goods.

Everyone likes a freebie, but, call me cynical if you like, a lot of the time we think these competitions are a scam, would you agree? We think that it is all a devious scheme to get our details and ultimately we have no chance of winning anything. But that is simply NOT the case, it’s not a scam, but it is a game and I’m going to give you 5 hot tips on improving your chances.

Tee from Sistoria

1. Follow #GIVEAWAY and enter lots of competitions!

This may seem pretty obvious but the best way to find giveaways is to follow the hashtag ‘GIVEAWAY, remember to look at the ‘RECENT’ tab as well as the ‘TOP’ tab, to find the ones that suit you best. Are you particularly interested in jewellery? Then follow #jewellerygiveaway too, this works for any product, have a little brainstorm and find someone new to follow and join in more giveaways and your chances of winning will blossom.

2. Follow Independent businesses