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If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I love graveyards. I find them to be such peaceful places filled with symbols of love, poetry and skilful craftsmanship. Surrounded by inspirational art, for me a graveyard is place to explore, to think, to remember and also a place where I can create.

Unfortunately, death is something I've experienced since a young age, having lost my Mum suddenly at the age of 13 (and many others, since). So to me, graves represent the person they tower over. A tangible memory of that person that we can see, and touch. It's where the person we love lies now and will always lie. They are gone but still here. An echo from the past, cast in stone.

If you wish to purchase giclée fine art photographic prints of any of these graves, or would like me to photograph a particular grave for you, perhaps as a family record or as part of your Genealogy research, please do get in touch at

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